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Are you a fan of floral and prints? Here at Curtains and Blinds Direct UK Limited at we have just the right products for you. Floral and printed readymade curtains give a beautiful and traditional look to your interiors and accessories. The use of floral designs in interior design decorating has been popular ever since the Victorian period and is still in fashion up to date. Floral printed readymade curtains are used as a decorative finish to bring the garden into the home and enjoy a year round display of flowers , foliage and berries. Get the fresh spring feeling throughout the year, with our attractive and stunning vintage floral printed ready to hang curtains.If you're looking to make an impact on a room, a flower design on a curtain is a simple way to do so. But florals are no longer just for traditional, feminine rooms some of our bold contemporary prints look fabulous in every room of the home in pink, purple, gold and turquoise. Floral fabrics are a great way to introduce a softer laid back atmosphere to a room. With so many different floral and printed designs in our collection you can be quite sure you'll be able to choose the perfect curtain for your home. Besides our friendly leading interiors designer team are always here to help you choose the best curtains for your home. The exceptional designs at Curtains and Blinds Direct UK make a great feature for any room. Bring country cottage charm or country mansion grandeur into any home with our pretty floral curtains. Most are fully lined for insulation and come in different fabric types, colours and sizes. You can infuse other floral colours into your room design by tying the background together. Green, purple or black floral colours with white backgrounds will add an extra element to the curtain design. The other colour should be one that is already in the room. If the sofa is black, use black floral pillows or drapery, keeping the red toile as the accent. The different combination of floral patterns and colours can reach as far as your imagination can. What you can create using the wide range of readymade floral and print curtains and drapes is limitless. Here at we have a wide range of pretty floral readymade curtains to complement our floral bedding range. Why not coordinate the looks with the other matching accessories like tiebacks and cushion covers we have on offer. 1 Oct 2011

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